The Imprecise Language of Analytics

There we were.  Three against a hundred. Toughest three guys we ever ran into. The growing field of data science has a quiet undercurrent that the scientific approach and the use of hard facts will yield understandable results.  There is one problem with that belief.  We still need good old, easy to misinterpret language to… Continue reading The Imprecise Language of Analytics

Eyeglasses, the Cold War and the World Wide Web

When someone says, “I’ll be brief.”, 99 times out of a 100  the opposite is true. The same can be applied when someone states their technology will revolutionize or disrupt a particular market.  It is very rare when someone knows how a new technology will be disruptive in a particular way.  The many cascade effects… Continue reading Eyeglasses, the Cold War and the World Wide Web

Recommending Discretion to Recommender Systems

You have seen recommender systems in action.  Visiting this blog will result in ads that are targeted to your preferences.  If you shop on-line, every item you view and/or purchase will trigger suggestions for other items that you may want to purchase. These are powerful systems utilizing very complex and vast swaths of data to… Continue reading Recommending Discretion to Recommender Systems

Kissing Cousins? There’s an App for That

When technology is invented, the creators cannot possibly foresee how the technology will be used or what needs it will satisfy. In Iceland, where everyone is related in some way, there is an App that allows you to determine if that person you are chatting up at the local is closely related to you.  It can save… Continue reading Kissing Cousins? There’s an App for That

Taxes, TVs and the Law of the Land

Watching TV through an antennae has always been “free”.  In return for watching advertisements you could watch the programs. A company called Aereo has extended that concept.  It established hundreds of  TV antennas that pick up free broadcast TV and post live feeds to the Internet. The idea is that consumers with antennas do not normally… Continue reading Taxes, TVs and the Law of the Land

Finding Something by Looking at Nothing

NASA has recently announced they have found evidence of dark matter by, um, not finding it.  After studying over year’s worth of data, positrons — the antimatter partner particles of electrons — that suggest they were created when particles of dark matter collided and annihilated each other. In this time of vast data accumulation, much… Continue reading Finding Something by Looking at Nothing

Nuclear Rednecks

When you think about it, nuclear technology is quite old. At one time, magnets were the height of science. Now they hold up art work on your fridge. Many people reading this will remember when lasers were the stuff of science fiction. Today you probably came into contact with six devices that use lasers. Despite… Continue reading Nuclear Rednecks

Help! Christmas is Ruined!

With the Christmas season upon us (Yes, Christmas.  If you are offended please move along.) we are being bombarded with Christmas specials.  Almost all of the more recent ones are a variation of “How (insert name of cartoon character available at your store for $39.99) saved Christmas.” I had no idea Christmas was that fragile.  As an adult,… Continue reading Help! Christmas is Ruined!