Know How versus Knowing How

Knowledge transfer barriers in the age of analytics Analytic functions are becoming part of day to day operations for many organizations, such as predicting what quantity of a supply to order, or the likelihood of an insurance claim being fraud.  But these functions are not implemented and left to run autonomously.  Upkeep and changes will… Continue reading Know How versus Knowing How

Help! Christmas is Ruined!

With the Christmas season upon us (Yes, Christmas.  If you are offended please move along.) we are being bombarded with Christmas specials.  Almost all of the more recent ones are a variation of “How (insert name of cartoon character available at your store for $39.99) saved Christmas.” I had no idea Christmas was that fragile.  As an adult,… Continue reading Help! Christmas is Ruined!

The Rewards of a Job Well Done

“There is no credit for preventing something that did not happen.” – David S. Alberts Much of the management activities in an organization is preventative – to prevent something bad from happening. The natural inclination of leadership is to view that everything operating correctly is the norm. So a lot of preventative activity is simply… Continue reading The Rewards of a Job Well Done