With Great Power …

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell One of the benefits of  the expanding analytical capabilities being created is the rise of a Culture of Evidence.  A Culture of Evidence is to increase the use of reliable, factual information in decision making.   In creating… Continue reading With Great Power …

Faith in Reason or Reasonable Faith

In my view, one of the more problematic cultural norms that recently developed is the division between science and religion.  It is presented as an either-or option.  Belief in religion means you are at odds with scientific discoveries.  A  scientific outlook means you must reject religion. This cultural dichotomy is dripping into everyday business during… Continue reading Faith in Reason or Reasonable Faith

The Paradox of Improvement

In this age of transition, who is best to take the lead; an optimist or a pessimist?  As G.K. Chesterton said: … optimists are more practical reformers than pessimists. Superficially, one would imagine that the railer would be the reformer; that the man who thought that everything was wrong would be the man to put… Continue reading The Paradox of Improvement

The Perpetual Motion of Business Intelligence

One of the primary purposes of Business Intelligence is to learn something about an organization. Like all learning, it never ends.  An answer leads to new questions. In essence, Business Intelligence is like perpetual motion – it never ends.  It is this spiraling causality that makes Business Intelligence activities different.  Projects have a defined goal and an… Continue reading The Perpetual Motion of Business Intelligence

Save Us But Do Not Change Us

One of the worst kinds of Client engagement is when the unspoken mandate is; Save us! But do not change anything. These are situations where the results of failure are acknowledged, but the causes are being deliberately ignored. In some cases, the causes aspire to be ignored they are so far from the Client’s mind.It… Continue reading Save Us But Do Not Change Us

Help! Christmas is Ruined!

With the Christmas season upon us (Yes, Christmas.  If you are offended please move along.) we are being bombarded with Christmas specials.  Almost all of the more recent ones are a variation of “How (insert name of cartoon character available at your store for $39.99) saved Christmas.” I had no idea Christmas was that fragile.  As an adult,… Continue reading Help! Christmas is Ruined!

The Rewards of a Job Well Done

“There is no credit for preventing something that did not happen.” – David S. Alberts Much of the management activities in an organization is preventative – to prevent something bad from happening. The natural inclination of leadership is to view that everything operating correctly is the norm. So a lot of preventative activity is simply… Continue reading The Rewards of a Job Well Done