From Scribes to Data Scientists

The earliest writing was cuneiform from the Mesopotamian civilizations.  The writing was hard to do (reeds and clay tablets) and difficult to read (at one point over 1,000 symbols).  A specialized class called dubsars, better known by the more generic term scribe, developed over time.  To become a scribe required extensive training.  The scribe maintained… Continue reading From Scribes to Data Scientists

Digital Vitrum Flexile

There is a story (and significant debate on whether it is true) that during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, a man invented flexible glass (vitrum flexile).  He was given an audience with the Emperor and demonstrated the unbreakable qualities of the glass by throwing a drinking vessel to the ground.  The vessel was… Continue reading Digital Vitrum Flexile

I heard of Big Data. Does that mean at one time there was Big Paper?

Prior to the electronic storage of data, the primary medium for recording information was (and for many still is) paper.  Big Data is focused on what can be done with the massive amounts of data organizations are creating and collecting.  I was wondering if, at one time, there was a similar challenge in regards to… Continue reading I heard of Big Data. Does that mean at one time there was Big Paper?

Once more unto the breach

In the 15th century, the heavily armored knights and men-at-arms were the masters of the battlefield.  Years of training and expensive equipment were required to be an effective soldier.  As such, it was the domain of the nobility only.  Ordinary people could not compete against their might nor did they have the resources acquire the… Continue reading Once more unto the breach

The Past Ain’t What It Used to Be

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero Or everyone is writing a blog (ahem).  How often have you heard the lament that children no longer obey their parents?  Apparently, things have been deteriorating since around 100 BC.  There must have been some idyllic… Continue reading The Past Ain’t What It Used to Be