Y bother writiN it out

At one time, writing was very difficult. The pen (such as a quill), ink and paper (skin, papyrus, etc.) all had to be prepared by someone before the writing could begin. Often a scribe was skilled in developing his own writing materials. Once the materials were ready, the actual writing itself was not a simple… Continue reading Y bother writiN it out

Harold the Angel

No matter how well we communicate, a message may not always be understood as expected. I remember as a child the following discussion regarding Christmas and Angels. “Gabriel is the Angel that is associated with Christmas.”, said the teacher. “What about Harold the Angel?”, my friend asked. “Who?” “Harold. You know. Hark Harold, the Angel sings….”,… Continue reading Harold the Angel

Talking When They Should Be Walking

One of the golden rules of change management is: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. The underlying assumption is that most people resist change because they do not understand it.  If explained enough, then a resistor will realize the error of their ways, and like Scrooge, become a supporter.  There may even be a group hug.  It has been my experience that… Continue reading Talking When They Should Be Walking