Advanced Analytics or Neanderthalytics?

For thousands of years, two Hominid species existed simultaneously – Humans and Neanderthals.  There are no Neanderthals today (though some in Customer Service may argue differently).  There are several theories as to why the Neanderthals are extinct despite the remarkable similarities in abilities between the two species. We are in a time where two ‘species’… Continue reading Advanced Analytics or Neanderthalytics?

Know How versus Knowing How

Knowledge transfer barriers in the age of analytics Analytic functions are becoming part of day to day operations for many organizations, such as predicting what quantity of a supply to order, or the likelihood of an insurance claim being fraud.  But these functions are not implemented and left to run autonomously.  Upkeep and changes will… Continue reading Know How versus Knowing How

Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

I shared yesterday  that healthcare analytic companies, classified as business associates, can expect to be entering into an “audit lottery” as the government expands HIPAA audit activities.  Health care companies, be it Providers or Payors, must ensure that their vendors comply with regulations as both they, and the vendor, can face significant legal repercussions.  The… Continue reading Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

Shedding the Paper Mindset

During work with different health insurers, one thing I became curious about was the structure of information about employer based or Group insurance.  Specifically the origin of the Group, Sub-Group construct  (also known by many other names).  The group number usually corresponded to an employer. The Sub-Group would usually be a sub-set within a Group… Continue reading Shedding the Paper Mindset

Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

If you were trying to move a large rock in your back yard, would you use a lever or a UAV (drone) with heavy lift capacity?  While the UAV would be way cooler, a simple lever would do the trick.  The rapidly increasing capabilities in analytics are spawning new tools and techniques  of increased sophistication.… Continue reading Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

The Paradox of Skill

How much success can be attributed to skill or luck? The Paradox of Skill is simply this –  the closer in abilities two people are, the larger role luck plays in determining the outcome.  Olympic sprinters are extremely skilled and the differences in their abilities are minute.  So a very minor thing, like an inopportune… Continue reading The Paradox of Skill