The Never Ending Story of Healthcare Analytics

Getting sick, figuring out why and then what to do about it is complicated enough. When you add in doctors, hospitals, insurers and government, it gets beyond complex. A simple change can have cascade effects that will impact the effectiveness of healthcare analytics. For example, on April 1 Medicare implemented a new rule regarding knee… Continue reading The Never Ending Story of Healthcare Analytics

With Great Power …

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell One of the benefits of  the expanding analytical capabilities being created is the rise of a Culture of Evidence.  A Culture of Evidence is to increase the use of reliable, factual information in decision making.   In creating… Continue reading With Great Power …

Shedding the Paper Mindset

During work with different health insurers, one thing I became curious about was the structure of information about employer based or Group insurance.  Specifically the origin of the Group, Sub-Group construct  (also known by many other names).  The group number usually corresponded to an employer. The Sub-Group would usually be a sub-set within a Group… Continue reading Shedding the Paper Mindset

Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

If you were trying to move a large rock in your back yard, would you use a lever or a UAV (drone) with heavy lift capacity?  While the UAV would be way cooler, a simple lever would do the trick.  The rapidly increasing capabilities in analytics are spawning new tools and techniques  of increased sophistication.… Continue reading Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

Twas the Night Before Analysis or A Visit from the Chief Data Scientist

‘Twas the night before analysis, when all thro’ the lab Not a consultant was stirring, no more coffee to grab The algorithms were coded in the system with care In hopes that the data soon would be there The analysts were restless, tired and half dead Visualizations of regressions danc’d in their heads Tech support… Continue reading Twas the Night Before Analysis or A Visit from the Chief Data Scientist

The Imprecise Language of Analytics

There we were.  Three against a hundred. Toughest three guys we ever ran into. The growing field of data science has a quiet undercurrent that the scientific approach and the use of hard facts will yield understandable results.  There is one problem with that belief.  We still need good old, easy to misinterpret language to… Continue reading The Imprecise Language of Analytics