Taxes, TVs and the Law of the Land

Watching TV through an antennae has always been “free”.  In return for watching advertisements you could watch the programs. A company called Aereo has extended that concept.  It established hundreds of  TV antennas that pick up free broadcast TV and post live feeds to the Internet. The idea is that consumers with antennas do not normally… Continue reading Taxes, TVs and the Law of the Land

The Paradox of Improvement

In this age of transition, who is best to take the lead; an optimist or a pessimist?  As G.K. Chesterton said: … optimists are more practical reformers than pessimists. Superficially, one would imagine that the railer would be the reformer; that the man who thought that everything was wrong would be the man to put… Continue reading The Paradox of Improvement

Finding Something by Looking at Nothing

NASA has recently announced they have found evidence of dark matter by, um, not finding it.  After studying over year’s worth of data, positrons — the antimatter partner particles of electrons — that suggest they were created when particles of dark matter collided and annihilated each other. In this time of vast data accumulation, much… Continue reading Finding Something by Looking at Nothing

Recall by Proxy

There are two main ways we access memory: Recognition Recall Recognition requires a simple familiarity decision. Recognition is the association of an event or physical object with one previously experienced. It involves a process of comparison of information with memory. Recall of an item from memory requires a two-stage process; the search and retrieval of… Continue reading Recall by Proxy

Nuclear Rednecks

When you think about it, nuclear technology is quite old. At one time, magnets were the height of science. Now they hold up art work on your fridge. Many people reading this will remember when lasers were the stuff of science fiction. Today you probably came into contact with six devices that use lasers. Despite… Continue reading Nuclear Rednecks

The Perpetual Motion of Business Intelligence

One of the primary purposes of Business Intelligence is to learn something about an organization. Like all learning, it never ends.  An answer leads to new questions. In essence, Business Intelligence is like perpetual motion – it never ends.  It is this spiraling causality that makes Business Intelligence activities different.  Projects have a defined goal and an… Continue reading The Perpetual Motion of Business Intelligence