Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

I shared yesterday  that healthcare analytic companies, classified as business associates, can expect to be entering into an “audit lottery” as the government expands HIPAA audit activities.  Health care companies, be it Providers or Payors, must ensure that their vendors comply with regulations as both they, and the vendor, can face significant legal repercussions.  The… Continue reading Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

With Great Power …

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell One of the benefits of  the expanding analytical capabilities being created is the rise of a Culture of Evidence.  A Culture of Evidence is to increase the use of reliable, factual information in decision making.   In creating… Continue reading With Great Power …

Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

If you were trying to move a large rock in your back yard, would you use a lever or a UAV (drone) with heavy lift capacity?  While the UAV would be way cooler, a simple lever would do the trick.  The rapidly increasing capabilities in analytics are spawning new tools and techniques  of increased sophistication.… Continue reading Don’t Forget the Simple Machines of Data Analytics

Eyeglasses, the Cold War and the World Wide Web

When someone says, “I’ll be brief.”, 99 times out of a 100  the opposite is true. The same can be applied when someone states their technology will revolutionize or disrupt a particular market.  It is very rare when someone knows how a new technology will be disruptive in a particular way.  The many cascade effects… Continue reading Eyeglasses, the Cold War and the World Wide Web

From Scribes to Data Scientists

The earliest writing was cuneiform from the Mesopotamian civilizations.  The writing was hard to do (reeds and clay tablets) and difficult to read (at one point over 1,000 symbols).  A specialized class called dubsars, better known by the more generic term scribe, developed over time.  To become a scribe required extensive training.  The scribe maintained… Continue reading From Scribes to Data Scientists

Digital Vitrum Flexile

There is a story (and significant debate on whether it is true) that during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, a man invented flexible glass (vitrum flexile).  He was given an audience with the Emperor and demonstrated the unbreakable qualities of the glass by throwing a drinking vessel to the ground.  The vessel was… Continue reading Digital Vitrum Flexile

Recommending Discretion to Recommender Systems

You have seen recommender systems in action.  Visiting this blog will result in ads that are targeted to your preferences.  If you shop on-line, every item you view and/or purchase will trigger suggestions for other items that you may want to purchase. These are powerful systems utilizing very complex and vast swaths of data to… Continue reading Recommending Discretion to Recommender Systems

Little Brother Strikes Back

One of the great things about being the official source of information is that, well, you are official. Every nation has departments dedicated to collecting data, analyzing data (some would argue manipulate) and publishing results. These results, be it the unemployment rate or rate of inflation, becomes the official world view. A company in San… Continue reading Little Brother Strikes Back

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, er, Failure

In this age of Big Data, the emerging field of Data Science is promising breakthrough changes for companies by looking at, well, everything, in new and different ways. It is true that some significant changes and new ideas are coming out of the Data Science realm. What disturbs me is if one was to search… Continue reading Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, er, Failure