Shedding the Paper Mindset

During work with different health insurers, one thing I became curious about was the structure of information about employer based or Group insurance.  Specifically the origin of the Group, Sub-Group construct  (also known by many other names).  The group number usually corresponded to an employer. The Sub-Group would usually be a sub-set within a Group… Continue reading Shedding the Paper Mindset

The Imprecise Language of Analytics

There we were.  Three against a hundred. Toughest three guys we ever ran into. The growing field of data science has a quiet undercurrent that the scientific approach and the use of hard facts will yield understandable results.  There is one problem with that belief.  We still need good old, easy to misinterpret language to… Continue reading The Imprecise Language of Analytics

From Scribes to Data Scientists

The earliest writing was cuneiform from the Mesopotamian civilizations.  The writing was hard to do (reeds and clay tablets) and difficult to read (at one point over 1,000 symbols).  A specialized class called dubsars, better known by the more generic term scribe, developed over time.  To become a scribe required extensive training.  The scribe maintained… Continue reading From Scribes to Data Scientists

Y bother writiN it out

At one time, writing was very difficult. The pen (such as a quill), ink and paper (skin, papyrus, etc.) all had to be prepared by someone before the writing could begin. Often a scribe was skilled in developing his own writing materials. Once the materials were ready, the actual writing itself was not a simple… Continue reading Y bother writiN it out

The Law is Only the Start

I try to stay away from political issues, but with more of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) becoming effective, there will be a significant impact on business. But not what everyone is talking about. When the Social Security Act (1935) came into force, it took about two decades worth of court cases, modifications,… Continue reading The Law is Only the Start

I heard of Big Data. Does that mean at one time there was Big Paper?

Prior to the electronic storage of data, the primary medium for recording information was (and for many still is) paper.  Big Data is focused on what can be done with the massive amounts of data organizations are creating and collecting.  I was wondering if, at one time, there was a similar challenge in regards to… Continue reading I heard of Big Data. Does that mean at one time there was Big Paper?

Faith in Reason or Reasonable Faith

In my view, one of the more problematic cultural norms that recently developed is the division between science and religion.  It is presented as an either-or option.  Belief in religion means you are at odds with scientific discoveries.  A  scientific outlook means you must reject religion. This cultural dichotomy is dripping into everyday business during… Continue reading Faith in Reason or Reasonable Faith

The Barbarians at the Gates

Progress, change and all its variants are inevitable, but that does not mean it is without risk. Times of transition disrupt social norms. All organizations  are faced with the choice of adapting or fading away (or collapsing suddenly).   Many people within organizations either long for the ‘good old days’ or look forward to the new opportunities transition brings.  But there is… Continue reading The Barbarians at the Gates

Overcoming Quackery and Other Tails, er, Tales

In my early days, someone once remarked to me that you really did not have to worry about someone stealing your ideas.  Odds were, you would have to metaphorically shove it down someone’s throat to get them to use it.  The introduction of change always starts with a new idea. So what is the life… Continue reading Overcoming Quackery and Other Tails, er, Tales