Even Wrong, Sometimes Right

It's like learning Plato did not invent Play-Doh.
It’s like learning Plato did not invent Play-Doh.

What does one call a situation where a quote about knowledge is being used incorrectly to demonstrate the need for knowledge?  For example:

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.


The above is often referenced by those who want to point out that numbers (as in data) is not enough.  The quote was not speaking of numbers in the sense of data, but numbers in the sense of opinions.  That the opinion of an expert on a particular subject is worth more than the opinions of 0thers.

In an odd way, this example encapsulates the impact of Data Science.   It is safe to say everyone using the quote by Plato believed they were using it correctly.  Many leaders also believe their opinions are factual.  Some are even considered experts in particular domains.  Data Science is generating new knowledge, new insights and new ways to do things. Often, what is learned is different than the opinions of leaders and experts.  Much like learning about what Plato was really talking about.

To answer my opening question, this is not ironic as many may think.  That is a whole other topic of debate.

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