He’s Not Dead. He’s Resting.

It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.
Mark Twain

"Hey!  Somebody left the truth behind the couch!"
“Hey! Somebody left the truth behind the couch!”

In our age of information, there is an underlying belief to classify some information as the ‘source of truth’.  Once obtained, the knowledge from these sources of truth will lead to better decision making and a better future.  As described in discussions and articles, it sounds as if there is a pile truth laying about somewhere and we simply need to find it.

I learned early in my career that the truth, well, it was not always simple.  At one point I was managing biographical information for millions of people.  Part of it was whether the person was dead or not.  Seemed straight forward – despite popular culture, I was unaware of the undead walking about.  It was a yes or no proposition to me.  As I learned, who told you the person was dead impacted the ‘truth’.  Some sources you knew were absolutely correct.  Others were pretty good, some required investigation and others were flat out unreliable.  So a person in my domain could be:

  • Definitely dead
  • Pretty sure they’re dead.
  • Better check out if they are dead.
  • Probably not dead.

The truth has been an ideal humanity has struggled with for millennia.  Companies must understand that the sources of truth are complex and will change over time.  There will never be a static or equilibrium situation.

As an aside, I learned if you were accidentally killed off on record, it was very difficult to officially prove you were alive.


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