The Barbarians at the Gates

Who left the door open
Who left the door open

Progress, change and all its variants are inevitable, but that does not mean it is without risk.

Times of transition disrupt social norms. All organizations  are faced with the choice of adapting or fading away (or collapsing suddenly).   Many people within organizations either long for the ‘good old days’ or look forward to the new opportunities transition brings.  But there is an element that shares similar views but with a twist.  Transition is perceived as weakness.  Depending on their leanings, it is an an opportunity to either forcibly restore the good old days or to completely destroy the status quo.

The destructive element is in every organization, and always will be.  Strong social norms and constructs usually keep them in check.   In times of transition, when social constructs weaken the checks become less effective.

We are always watching for the barbarians at the gates.  But they are inside as well.


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