Nuclear Rednecks

When you think about it, nuclear technology is quite old. At one time, magnets were the height of science. Now they hold up art work on your fridge. Many people reading this will remember when lasers were the stuff of science fiction. Today you probably came into contact with six devices that use lasers. Despite what you hear on the news, it is rather remarkable that nuclear technology has not proliferated more than it did. It is clear that active measures are in place to slow down the widespread use of nuclear technology.

All viable technology eventually makes a leap into common use. What was once nearly magic becomes everyday knowledge. Much like the Waffle House Index that measures the seriousness of a disaster, I believe there is a Redneck Index which indicates when a technology has leapt into common use. The internal combustion engine changed the world and is now strapped to a variety of household appliances for the purposes of racing. The Index is high when tinkering and reckoning are just as effective at utilizing a technology as years of dedicated study.

"Yer good ta go!"
“Yer good ta go!”

Children manipulate information technology with an aplomb that, as little as ten years ago, could only be done by a highly trained professional. Ā Information technology is rising on the Redneck Index.

One day, nuclear technology will become an entry on the Redneck Index.

It raises the possibility of a tractor powered by a homemade nuclear battery.

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