Brrraaiiiins! Daaataaa!

For reasons not relevant here, I have been doing a lot of reading on “Big Data”.  In essence, Big Data is an umbrella term that deals with the question ‘What to do with all this data we are creating/collecting?’.


During my research what struck me is how much information concerning Big Data is just recycled marketing material.  It is like someone took their old project management or software development white papers and did a Find and Replace and inserted the term Big Data.   It is usually explained as re-packaging but I like to think of it as Zombie Propaganda.

This is not to say that companies cannot evolve and provide new products and services.  But not everyone that is using the new terms is really bringing something new.  Unlike the movies, it’s a lot harder to spot these zombies.

If you are about to dive into the next big thing, whatever it may be, beware of zombies.  Come to think of it, that’s just good advice in general.

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