Stress at Work Quiz

Take this quiz and determine your level of stress.

(1) Common Symptoms of negative stress are

(A) Heart disease and migraines

(B) Discoloration of your aura

(C) Impulse to subscribe to Soldier of Fortune

(2) Intellectual processes are undermined by

(A) Anxiety

(B) Lazy intellectual miners

(C) All those %!#$ing idiots you work with

(3) Sources of stress include

(A) Crises, conflict, communication, control and fads

(B) Aliens

(C) All those %!#$ing idiots you work with

(4) A sign of burnout is

(A) Excessive worrying

(B) A cold fireplace

(C) Setting booby traps in your cube

(5) Small furry animals help you relieve stress because

(A) Scientific studies have shown caring for an animal will reduce stress

(B) They are so CUTE!

(C) They make a most satisfying yelp when you kick them

(6) Coping and flowing

(A) Are stress management techniques

(B) Are plumbing features

(C) Will get you ten years in some states

(7) Balancing your career with life

(A) Will help you set limits and decompress

(B) Has something to do with a magazine

(C) Means hiring your spouse as your assistant (hey you will see each other more often)

(8) Good health

(A) Means you will be better able to manage stress

(B) Is a toast

(C) Is eating right, exercising, getting a good nights sleep and dying anyway

(9) Professional Development and creative tools

(A) Will encourage you to find new answers to problems

(B) Will help you blossom like a flower in the spring

(C) Is training in a vast array of weapons ordered from Soldier of Fortune

(10) An effective breathing technique is

(A) Sun and Moon

(B) With oxygen. Duh!

(C) Choking the living breath out of one of those %!#$ing idiots you work with

(11) Time Management

(A) Will minimize stress

(B) Means never having to say your sorry

(C) Is avoiding all those %!#$ing idiots you work with


If you answered “A” you are well on your way to being a well adjusted individual.

If you answered “B” you should avoid any drug testing.

If you answered “C” you are a successful Professional. Good Luck!

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