Rational Man Saga 2 – You Get What You Pay For

“Back in my day…” the Fossil began.

Oh no, the Fossil had a nap before the meeting and rested up.  There’ll be no stopping him, the Punk thought.  She looked to the Rational Man in the hopes he could end the oncoming torrent of ruminations.   The Rational Man seemed equally surprised by the relative burst of syllables from the normally semi-slumbering Fossil.

“…we didn’t need to hire a quality guy to tell us how to do a good job.  We did good work because that is what people did back then.  People used to care about their work.”

“Is that why cars built twenty years ago were so reliable.” Weasel Girl shot sarcastically.  She had classified the Fossil as SUNN.  Sucking Up Not Necessary.

“What do you mean by that?”

Weasel Boy made car brake screeching noises and punched his fist into his flat hand.  He and Weasel Girl simultaneously simulated an explosion sound.

“We also respected our elders.” The Fossil was really agitated now.

“Moses was an important guy.” the Punk muttered to herself.

“When I started with the Company almost thirty years ago, I can assure you I treated my superiors with respect.  And in the past thirty years I’ve been here, I’ve seen a decline in respect.  Maybe I should have gone to a different company.”

“Maybe you stayed because no one else would hire you?” Weasel Boy retorted.

“I am loyal to the Company.  It’s a concept you younger ones are unfamiliar with.” the Fossil grumbled.

“Please can we get back to the agenda.  What we are doing here is important and we should not waste time talking about unrelated things.  We must establish quality management for the Company.” the Believer cut in.

“Yes.  Now, who else has ideas?” the Rational Man was grateful for the return to business.

The Artful Dodger shifted uncomfortably in his seat.  “Uh, I sent out some e-mails in my department.  I’m still waiting for some feedback.”

“Do you have any ideas yourself?” the Rational Man asked directly.

“Uh.  No.” the Artful Dodger replied.

The Rational Man rubbed his face in frustration.  He was hired to sell the idea of establishing  quality management for the Company.  The Quixotic Executive who was sponsoring the quality system promised the best and brightest from each department.  It was obvious the remaining executives had different views on the importance of the quality initiative ranging from sinister to indifferent.  The Fossil was really heartbeats away from retirement but has been living under this belief for the past ten years.  Weasel Boy and Weasel Girl were not trusted by anyone in their respective departments who were happy to have them gone for a little while.  The Punk was too ambitious for the middle managers comfort and they distracted her with this ‘golden opportunity to enrich her career and learn more about the Company’.  The Believer was from the Quixotic Executive’s own department and was clearly the Heir Apparent for the department.  The Artful Dodger had completed three years of good work in about eleven years.  His department did not notice his absence except there was no one to run the football pool.

This was his Quality Management Team.

“Can we get back to the agenda?”  Rational Man interpreted the silence as agreement.  Weasel Boy and Weasel Girl smiled at him beatifically.  “Good.  So what are we going to call this team?”

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