Advanced Analytics or Neanderthalytics?

For thousands of years, two Hominid species existed simultaneously – Humans and Neanderthals.  There are no Neanderthals today (though some in Customer Service may argue differently).  There are several theories as to why the Neanderthals are extinct despite the remarkable similarities in abilities between the two species. We are in a time where two ‘species’… Continue reading Advanced Analytics or Neanderthalytics?

Data Science Ethical Framework — Data Science 101

The UK government has taken the first step in providing a solid grounding for the future of data science ethics. Recently, they published a “beta” version of the Data Science Ethical Framework. The framework is based around 6 clear principles: Start with clear user need and public benefit Use data and tools which have the… via… Continue reading Data Science Ethical Framework — Data Science 101

Know How versus Knowing How

Knowledge transfer barriers in the age of analytics Analytic functions are becoming part of day to day operations for many organizations, such as predicting what quantity of a supply to order, or the likelihood of an insurance claim being fraud.  But these functions are not implemented and left to run autonomously.  Upkeep and changes will… Continue reading Know How versus Knowing How

Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

I shared yesterday  that healthcare analytic companies, classified as business associates, can expect to be entering into an “audit lottery” as the government expands HIPAA audit activities.  Health care companies, be it Providers or Payors, must ensure that their vendors comply with regulations as both they, and the vendor, can face significant legal repercussions.  The… Continue reading Healthcare Analytics and the Gatekeepers

Rewarding the Law of Unintended Consequences

One of the things I enjoy about my work is watching the Law of Unintended Consequences in action.   I came across a study by the Harvard Business School that looked at employee recognition programs.  In this study, a company was trying to reduce absenteeism (unexcused tardiness or missed days).  The company implemented a drawing… Continue reading Rewarding the Law of Unintended Consequences

The Never Ending Story of Healthcare Analytics

Getting sick, figuring out why and then what to do about it is complicated enough. When you add in doctors, hospitals, insurers and government, it gets beyond complex. A simple change can have cascade effects that will impact the effectiveness of healthcare analytics. For example, on April 1 Medicare implemented a new rule regarding knee… Continue reading The Never Ending Story of Healthcare Analytics

With Great Power …

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell One of the benefits of  the expanding analytical capabilities being created is the rise of a Culture of Evidence.  A Culture of Evidence is to increase the use of reliable, factual information in decision making.   In creating… Continue reading With Great Power …